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We believe that sharing knowledge with pawrents will help them make better decisions for their furkid’s health and happiness.

  • Anise Seed Treats – Perfect for Nose Work
    Have you ever seen those viral videos of cats getting high on catnips? If you have not, here’s one just for laughs: Do you know that there is an “equivalent” of a catnip for dogs.. and it’s a common spice in our household? I was pleasantly surprised to find out that dogs are excited by […]
  • Benefits of Feeding Turmeric to Our Dogs and What to Take Note of
    While some ingredients are purported to be beneficial to dogs based on its effects on humans, turmeric has been proven to be beneficial to dogs and also cats based on actual studies done on them. The magical active ingredient in turmeric is actually curcumin. Curcumin is anti-inflammatory and an anti-oxidant. Because of its qualities, it […]
  • How to Prepare Your Human to Go Back to Work Again
    Dear Fellow PawFrens, The time has now come for our humans to gradually return to work (to earn more treats for us) with Phase 2 beginning this Friday. Our humans will have a lot of separation anxiety being away from us at work, while we are just a little overjoyed at having the whole house […]
  • Our Story And Philosophy
    Like all first time pet owners, we were once ignorant and fed our furkid commercially mass produced treats. We just didn’t know any better then. We were shocked to find out that commercial pet treats come with a long ingredient list of icky and bad stuff, mostly to extend the shelf life of the treats […]
  • (no title)
    Some Words From Us. As this year draws to a close we have done some reflection on our journey and our growth over the past 9 months. Right at the beginning of we set out our philosophy and our reasons for why we are doing it. Looking back now we are glad that we […]
  • Seafood Superfood for Our Pets
    Seafood is a wonderful supplement to pet’s diet because it contains different nutrients from the usual food that we feed our pets. One example is Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 Fatty Acids Seafood is choked-full of Omega-3 fatty acids, which has many health benefits for our pets. Omega-3 fatty acids is not produced by the body […]
  • (no title)
    Orders Your order usually takes 2-3 working days to prepare. We will always give you an estimated date of shipping after your order has been paid for. The order will reach you between 0-5 working days after shipping depending on your choice of delivery method. Backorders If your order contains any backorders or items out […]
  • Should I Feed Liver To My Dog?
    What are some of the benefits of feeding your dog pork or beef liver? Liver is high in retinol (or vitamin A). Our dogs need vitamin A to have good skin and a thick shiny coat of fur. This will definitely boost their self esteem on their daily walks and make them the eye-candy amongst […]
  • What Is Air Dried Food?
    Benefits of feeding your pet air dried food. What happens to the food when it is air dried? Moisture is removed through evaporation when food is air dried. Nutrients and enzymes present in the food is largely retained unchanged in the food. Bacteria and germs are killed as their water content is removed from their […]
  • Why I Give My Dog Pork Skin Chews
    If you take a walk in any pet supplies store, you will see that there are all kinds of chews for dogs – from synthetic nylon chew to rawhide to flavoured dental chews and dehydrated bones. My experience with these chews are that, either they are unsafe for our dogs, unhealthy (additives) or just so […]