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What Is Air Dried Food?

Benefits of feeding your pet air dried food.

What happens to the food when it is air dried?

Moisture is removed through evaporation when food is air dried. Nutrients and enzymes present in the food is largely retained unchanged in the food. Bacteria and germs are killed as their water content is removed from their cells.

Because only water is removed from the food, the taste of the food remains the same or slightly enhanced because it is more concentrated. If your dog finds chicken tasty, your dog will definitely find air dried chicken yummi-licious. This has been confirmed by a wide ranging survey of dogs who have tried our air dried treats.

Easy to feed

Life is much easier for the pawrent with air dried food. No refrigeration required. Lightweight. Completely satisfies your pet’s nutritional needs. Best food to pack for your dog on a trip out to the park. Sandwiches for the hooman(s) and air dried food for the doggo(s). Just remember to hydrate both hoomans and doggos with plenty of water!

Long storage life.

Without moisture, air dried food can be kept much longer than raw or cooked food, even at room temperature. No preservatives are necessary too. (My supervisor(a dog) stops me here from writing anymore because she says this paragraph is totally unnecessary in her view. “Keeping treats? Hmmfp. Treats belong in tummy not in packet.”)

No mess involved.

Air dried treats are a joy to use for training because they do not mess up your hands when you handle them as you reward your dog after each successful completion. They are also lightweight and easily carried out for some outdoor training sessions.

Summary of benefits of air dried treats
Benefits of air dried treats for you and your dog
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