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Why I Give My Dog Pork Skin Chews

If you take a walk in any pet supplies store, you will see that there are all kinds of chews for dogs – from synthetic nylon chew to rawhide to flavoured dental chews and dehydrated bones. My experience with these chews are that, either they are unsafe for our dogs, unhealthy (additives) or just so expensive.

In contrast, our pork skin chews are:

Highly digestible

I have learnt(and you should too) that we should always assume our dogs will try to chew and eat anything we give her. A while back, my dog chewed and swallowed big pieces of cloth from a cloth chew I made her. I was not aware of what she did until she vomited out some slimy cloth and also passed out some cloth in her poop. She continued to poop out big pieces of cloth for the next few days.

While it made for a funny story to share, I was both thankful and worried – thankful that she was fine, and worried that she might not be so lucky the next time. In some severe cases, surgery is needed for gastrointestinal obstruction.

Unlike synthetic nylon chews (which is not digestible at all) and rawhide (which is hardly digestible), pork skin chews are almost fully digested (~90%) after 24 hours in your dog’s stomach. In fact, in just 6 hours, pork skin chews were already 55% digested in your dog’s tummy while rawhide was only 7.6% digested.

Natural Goodness

Our pork skin chews are 100% natural.

No nasty chemicals found in that rawhide, or additives such as sodium hexametaphosphate (which is really harmful by the way). No added starch or gelatin etc. Just yummy natural digestible pork skin.

As much of the subcutaneous fats is removed as possible and the residual fats comes out as oils during the dehydration process.


Have you checked out the prices of dental chews before? I have:

The above are just some examples of dental chews and they cost between $1.50 to $2.10 per piece. Our pork skin chews are an absolute steal compared to those prices! My dog (see picture below), who has a PhD in Mathematics (specialising in treats evaluation), has done the maths for you and says she prefers to have 3 pork skin chews instead of one dental chew. Your dog might agree too since they all have the same PhD.

Give your dog a chew that’s also a treat!

Nikko thinks your dog deserves yummy natural chews like her.

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