We, the Dog Owners

If you are a dog owner, and especially a new dog owner, you must have spent countless hours reading about what is best for your pup – from potty training to what types of food to feed to the best kind of crates.

When I had my 2 month-old pup, Nikko, I spent many hours researching too (plus sleepless nights woken up by the cries of a puppy who missed her momma). And as any new puppy owner will know, pups have razor-sharp teeth and are destructive around the house!

I looked around for options to solve my dog’s chewing tendency. Raw-hide? No good. A branded nylon chew-toy? No good too. She chewed and swallowed bits of it, and although it was marketed as “safe”, I was not comfortable with a synthetic toy passing through my dog’s tummy. What if my dog’s gastric juices reacted with it?

Flavoured dental chews? It is edible, but it was hardly a chew! A few mouthfuls and it was gone. And why do we need all the additives?

Next I explored dehydrated bones. It was a good alternative, but oh so expensive. Only a few bones in a pack and it costs more than $20!

I stumbled upon the idea of testing dehydrated pork skin as a treat while shopping at a nearby supermarket. I let my dog try it, and discovered she spent a good amount of time chewing and enjoying it. Plus, it was a cost-effective option (have you seen how many treats are in our 80g pack?). I get to keep my dog happy and healthy, keep her teeth clean, and all at an affordable cost!

Hence, air-dried pork skin treats was born, from a dog owner, to fellow dog owners. I wish your beloved pet dog a long, happy and healthy life 🙂

Our beloved pup, Nikko