Air Dried Pork Skin Dog Chews

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100% Pork Skin. Single Ingredient Chew. No preservatives or flavouring added.

Yummy and addictive dog chews made of 100% pork skin air-dried to lock in the natural nutrients and taste. Just pure healthy goodness for our beloved pups <3 It can be given as a dental chew after every meal or as a treat to keep your pup occupied.

Highly recommended for teething puppies of all sizes. We have two sizes to cater for puppies – Normal (for small & medium breed puppies) & Larger (for medium & large breed puppies). Air Dried Pork Skin Chews are soft – medium in toughness and are boneless making them well suited for puppies to gnaw on especially when they are teething and mouthing(biting) things they are not supposed to. Chewing the tough pork skin grinds off the plaque building on the teeth and helps to clean your puppy’s gums and teeth.

Worried about the excess fat? Our pork skin chews contains mostly skin. The thin layer of fat remaining is melted away during the air drying process.

“You just can’t stop chewing!” – Dog, after he finished a chew he dug a hole for, intending to keep it for another day.

You can also try the Air Dried Pork Ear Chews which is a medium toughness chew and suitable for adult dogs and puppies.

Each 80g pack contains strips of pork chews that are cut to a convenient size for your dog. Quantity of pieces varies according to size of chew.

Storage Recommendations

  • Keep refrigerated – Consume within 2 months of purchase.
  • Store in air tight box at room temperature – Consume within 3 weeks of purchase.

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5 reviews for Air Dried Pork Skin Dog Chews

  1. xiaolubao91

    fresh and healthy chew compare to other “fake”chews. My puppy loves it and chewing happily.

  2. shiro (verified owner)

    my puppy loves the pork skin enough not to be enticed by my dinner when chewing it (and it lasts longer than my dinner)! He sometimes falls asleep after chewing.

  3. chrl.tyy (verified owner)

    First time ordering this and my pup totally loves this chew! Gives me a peace of mind as well, knowing that it’s healthy with no additives 🙂

  4. Jasmine Chua Chua (verified owner)

    My pup love the chew! Sometimes he play fight with it too. 🙂 He can spend at least an hour just by chewing it. Give me time to work since I am wfh at the moment.

  5. melissa.limyw

    Interesting texture and my Labrador loved to chew on it!

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