Air Dried Chicken Gizzards

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100% chicken gizzards. Air Dried Chicken Gizzards are single-ingredient no-preservatives treats for dogs.


Low fat and high protein treat. Hard and chewy and which is a great texture for small and medium-sized dogs.

What is this?

The gizzard is a muscular organ used by the chicken to grind up food because they have no teeth to help them soften their food. Did you know that they will swallow small pebbles and keep them in the gizzard to help in the grinding up of their food? But do not worry, the gizzards that your dog get will be without stones as the gizzards are cut open and drained of stones before we air dry them.

If you dog likes this,

We have a larger sized gizzard treat – Air Dried Duck Gizzards.


100g of chewy chunks in a pack.

Storage Recommendations

  • Keep refrigerated – Consume within 3 months of purchase.
  • Store in air tight box at room temperature – Consume within 3 weeks of purchase.


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