Air Dried Lean Beef Crisps

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Air Dried Lean Beef Crisps is Air Dried in Singapore from human-grade raw beef from Australia.

This is a single ingredient treat with no preservatives or flavouring added. This ensures that you are feeding your dog only 100% natural and pure meat. It is also mainly the reason why it tastes so good to your dog.

100% Beef. Lean and Mean. From cows that will steal your lunch at the school playground.

Crispy and smells so good you might be tempted to try some. We won’t judge. Just don’t let your pet catch you stealing treats!

If your dog likes treats with a chewier texture, you can get our Air Dried Lean Beef Bites which comes in small cubes for and with a more chewy bite experience.

Each pack contains 70g of crispy treats. Suitable for cats and dogs. Also available in 10g snack packs.

Storage Recommendations

  • Keep refrigerated – Consume within 2 months of purchase.
  • Store in air tight box at room temperature – Consume within 3 weeks of purchase.

3 reviews for Air Dried Lean Beef Crisps

  1. shiro

    my puppy devours this, makes him highly motivated in training 😀

  2. chris_ng85 (verified owner)

    My dog loves it so much that he will ask for it everyday and the treats is so crunchy. Thank you for the healthy treats and small gifts!

  3. chrl.tyy (verified owner)

    My pup new favourite. Crunchy and smells amazing too. Highly recommend these crisps!

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