Air Dried Lean Pork Crisps

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Air Dried Lean Pork Crisps are freshly Air Dried in Singapore from human grade raw pork from Indonesia without any preservatives or additives.

100% lean pork loin. Human-grade quality cuts. Lean almost to the point of being mean.

Never seen a skinny pig? Because they become lean pork crisps. We also have the more chunky Air Dried Lean Pork Bites .

We have gone to very extreme lengths to get the leanest cut of pork loin but pork treats in general are not recommended for doggo on low fat diets, whether voluntary or involuntarily. But not to fret because we have other low fat treats options like Air Dried Lean Beef Bites, Air Dried Duck Breast Crisps, Air Dried Kangaroo Bites and Air Dried Chicken Breast Bites which might be more suitable for you guys!

“Pigging out”: One of the top 10 favorite activities of a dog. Source: Nikko News Network

50g/150g of deliciously smelling treats per pack. Air Dried Lean Pork Crisps are also available in 10g snack packs.

To keep your treats yummy for as long as possible please follow the recommended storage methods below. Recommended duration for consumption errs greatly on the conservative side and you might often find the treats still good past the recommended duration but naturally your dog will not be very happy with you.

To help you (the hooman), scanning the QR code on the treats packaging will bring you back to this page so you can quickly see how to store the treats you have purchased to feed your dog. We recommend stealthily doing this or doing this while the dog is sleeping because dogs in general believe strongly against storing treats.

“treatos no belong in box/big cold box. treatos belong in tum tum.” – Nikko the dog treats expert advisor. (Paid Promotion by Nikko the dog.)

Storage Recommendations

  • Keep refrigerated – Consume within 3 months of purchase.
  • Store in air tight box at room temperature – Consume within 3 weeks of purchase.

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3 reviews for Air Dried Lean Pork Crisps

  1. chuapeijing88 (verified owner)

    These pork crisps has gotten my puppy crazy for it! She would go charging for it and whine for the treats. Haha pawrents better be careful with how yummy these are!!

    I will definitely be repurchasing for my baby!

  2. chrl.tyy (verified owner)

    Thin and crispy and great as training treats! I break them up into small pieces to use. My pup loves it.

  3. yolagooi (verified owner)

    Love it! Is really has almost no fat!! So happy to see my pup eating this well. Crispier and yummier!

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