Air Dried Mini Beef Tendons Chews

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Single ingredient chew air dried using raw human-grade beef tendons from Australia with no preservatives or flavoring.

“This chew needs some hard-lovin.” – Dog taking a break from chewing.


100% Beef Tendons.

This is a single ingredient chew with no preservatives or flavoring added. The chew is around 7-10cm long and is suitable for small dogs and puppies. These are thinner and shorter than Air Dried Beef Tendons Chews which are more suitable for medium sized & large sized dogs.


Chewing is an enjoyable and mentally stimulating activity for our dogs, which is why they seek to chew so much! You will find that the the chew is almost like a magic wand, because after your dog is done chewing, you will find yourself with a calmer and more relaxed dog. Plus point, they get to clean their teeth too!


Around 4-7 pieces of mini size chews in a pack weighing approximately 50g.

Storage Recommendations

  • Keep refrigerated – Consume within 2 months of purchase.


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