Bully Gnawers

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Does your dog love to chew and have chewed through a few furniture? Save yourself from more headache by giving your dog some natural chews such as the Natural Dog Company’s Bully Gnawers ™. It is made from 100% natural bull pizzle with no artificial additives or preservatives. The pizzles are obtained from bulls who are grass-fed, free-range and humanely-raised. No hormones or antibiotics were fed to the bulls.


Bully Gnawers ™ by Natural Dog Company are made from 100% grass fed, free range, beef pizzle.


Chewing is an enjoyable and mentally stimulating activity for our dogs, which is why they seek to chew so much! The thick 6 inch (15.5cm) or 12 inch (31cm) jumbo bully sticks will be able to last them more than a few hours. You will find that the bully stick is almost like a magic wand, because after your dog is done chewing, you will find yourself with a calmer and more relaxed dog. Plus point, they get to clean their teeth too!

If your doggo likes beef chews you can also let him try our Air Dried Beef Tendons Chew.

The Bully Gnawers are healthy and fully digestible; however, human supervision is encouraged because all chews present choking hazards.

Available in singles or three piece packs and in the following sizes.


  • 6 inches (15.5cm) of thick and hard bull pizzles guaranteed to satisfy your doggo chewing needs.
  • Braided 6 inches (15.5cm) of intertwined bull pizzles to give your doggo an even longer chewing session.
  • 12 inches (31cm) of thick, hard and long bull puzzles for larger dogs chewing needs.

Storage Recommendations

  • Keep refrigerated – Consume by date shown on packaging.
  • Store in air tight box at room temperature – Consume within 2 months of purchase.

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1 review for Bully Gnawers

  1. v.i.c.s.o (verified owner)

    My dog was getting sick of his usual antlers and yak chews and so I decided to give this a try! No regrets at all and my dog is just happily staying out of trouble and gnawing on these goodies 😍

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