Pork Purée

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Pork Purée is made in Singapore from raw human grade pork bone and apple cider vinegar.

Pork Purée is nutritious and tasty. As with the rest of our treats, Pork Purée does not contain any preservatives or fillers unlike other similar bisque/cream/purée products available out there. It is painstakingly made in small batches, we almost gave up trying to produce sellable quantities of it.

Two things drove us on. 1) A friend’s senior dog who cannot eat solid food anymore due to the loss of his teeth. He has been relying on the commercial wet food/bisques which to our horror contains so much fillers and preservatives. 2) The samples we sent out to our customers were so well received and we really love seeing our doggos enjoying the things we made for them.

So we persevered on and figured out how to do things better. This is our small contribution for all the senior petizens out there.

Soft and creamy, our Pork Purée is ideal for dogs or cats who have issues chewing solid food. Of course, normal dogs or cats will also enjoy the purée as a treat or a topper to spice up their normal meal. We also have other purée flavours like Beef Purée and Fish Purée.

The Pork Purée is not recommended for pets who are on a strictly low fat diet as pork inherently contains some amount of fat even after trimming visible fats.

Just like our bone broths, Pork Purée is temperature sensitive and requires same day courier shipping. We ship it out frozen and insulated and it will reach you later the same day.

Each packet contains around 40-50g of tasty purée.

Storage Recommendations

  • Keep refrigerated – Consume within 4-5 days of purchase.
  • Store in freezer below -5C – Consume within 6 months of purchase.

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