Air Dried Chicken Feet

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100% Chicken feet. Full of collagen and calcium to build healthy bones and good skin. No preservatives or additives.

“These chicken have a better manicure than me!” – Customer who just bought a package at a soon-to-close manicure salon.

Try some Air Dried Chicken Neck  or  Air Dried Duck Feet for some variety. If your dog likes the taste of chicken, be sure to get some best-selling yummy Chicken Bone Broth and every meal can have that delicious chicken taste!


100% human-grade chicken feet.


Low odor chew. No harmful preservatives and flavouring. Get our air dried chicken feet as a special reinforcement training reward. Reward him/her after a shower and he will be more keen to shower the next time. Feed it to him/her after a nail trimming session and the next trim will go much easier. Full of collagen and calcium to build healthy bones and good skin.


6 or 18 manicured(claws removed) chicken feet per pack.

Storage Recommendations

  • Keep refrigerated – Consume within 3 months of packing date

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4 reviews for Air Dried Chicken Feet

  1. denisetyl (verified owner)

    Price is reasonable and my dog really loves it. the texture is crunchy and hearing him eat makes me so satisfied (ASMR)!

  2. ctan18 (verified owner)

    chewy, crunchy and healthy chicken feet! it was the first time we purchased air-dried treats for our pup and he totally loved it.

  3. nicolecwx07 (verified owner)

    First time letting my dogs try chicken feet! Super crunchy & I rlly enjoy seeing them enjoying it! 🙂

  4. g55_shadow (verified owner)

    First time tat our paw-by tried chicken feet. He loved it sooooo much. I could see the joy in his face everytime he got one. Will 100% reorder.

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