Air Dried Salmon Skin Crisps

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100% Salmon Skin. Imported from Norway. No Preservatives or Flavoring added.

This is a single ingredient product. The only ingredient we are using is salmon skin. There are no flavoring or preservatives are added. The salmon skin we use are human grade quality. We use the same salmon skin to make salmon skin chips for hoomans to enjoy but they get a lot of salt added to it so we TRY to not eat so much of the chips!

Salmon skin is rich in Omega-3 oils which is good for healthy skin and joints. Why not give your dog a yummier alternative to the fish oils supplements you might be feeding him. We all know which option your dog will prefer if you give him a choice between the two! If your dog like fish, we have other yummy fish treats like Air Dried Shishamo Bites.

Now you don’t have to feel guilty about not feeding your doggo when you are enjoying salted egg yolk salmon skin chips! Doggo can have the healthy doggo version!

Each pack contains 70g of crispy salmon skin chips.

Storage Recommendations

  • Keep refrigerated – Consume within 2 weeks of purchase.

2 reviews for Air Dried Salmon Skin Crisps

  1. Jasmine Chua Chua (verified owner)

    It smells ready good when you open it! I was pleasantly surprised to see that they managed to retain the salmon oil even after packaging it. (Salmon oil is really healthy). My pup loves it too!

  2. msjaclyncheng

    This salmon skin crisp is an excellent choice of treat for all puppies as it is healthy and nutritional. Of course, Jules is a salmon lover and this has been his favourite treat thus far.

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