Air Dried Shishamo Bites 8pcs

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100% Shishamo Fishies. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids for joint/hip care!

“Fishies are food. Not friends.” – anonymous meow in the dark, joined by a few barks!

If you pet like fishes (as food) we also have Air Dried Salmon Bits, Air Dried Baltic Sprats, Air Dried Salmon Treats and  Air Dried Salmon Skin Crisps for them to enjoy.

Each pack of Air Dried Shishamo Bites contains 8 fishes. Entire fish can be eaten by cat/dog. Bones and all.

To keep your treats yummy for as long as possible please follow the recommended storage methods below. Recommended duration for consumption errs greatly on the conservative side and you might often find the treats still good past the recommended duration but naturally your dog will not be very happy with you.

To help you (the hooman), scanning the QR code on the treats packaging will bring you back to this page so you can quickly see how to store the treats you have purchased to feed your dog. We recommend stealthily doing this or doing this while the dog is sleeping because dogs in general believe strongly against storing treats.

“treatos no belong in box/big cold box. treatos belong in tum tum.” – Nikko the dog treats expert advisor. (Paid Promotion by Nikko the dog.)

Storage Recommendations

  • Must keep refrigerated even before opening – Consume within 2 weeks of purchase.

6 reviews for Air Dried Shishamo Bites 8pcs

  1. nicolecwx07 (verified owner)

    Go to store for getting treats for my pups! Thank You for always making healthy & yummy treats/chews for my pups to enjoy:)

  2. valeriekan1999 (verified owner)

    Tried this and alot of its omega oils are retained in the fish, smells fresh too!

  3. ctan18 (verified owner)

    my pup loved the shishamo bites, gone in 10 secs!

  4. g55_shadow (verified owner)

    First time tryin this n our dear pup loveeeed it. He gobbled it down in a flash. It looked so yummy n fresh. Could literally see de quality. Can’t wait to reorder tis… Thxs for making such wonderful n healthy treats.

  5. Ivory (verified owner)

    Definitely irresistible & contains good oil! We always enjoy our experience and purchases from Airdriedtreats!

  6. rachelkhoo9 (verified owner)

    My new go to store for treats for my dogs! My dogs love the product

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