Rabbit Ears with Hair


“Did you see what the magician pulled out of the hat?!” – explained the Dog who just chewed up his hooman’s hat just in case there’s something yummy in it too!


100% rabbit ears imported from the United Kingdom.


No preservatives. All-natural chew for your dog that is not too hard. Boneless chew. Low odor and human-friendly. Chewing helps your energetic dog to expend their energy in an enjoyable way. It also helps you to have a noise-free zoom call.

If your dog likes moderate toughness chews, you can also consider Lamb Ear Chews or Air Dried Pork Skin Chews. Alternatively if your dog likes chews with fur/hair, you might want to get Lamb Ears with Hair.


Comes in packs of 2s or 6s. 6 ears weigh approximately a little over 100g.

Storage recommendations

Keep in air tight container and feed before recommended date on packaging.



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