Split Antlers Chews

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100% Deer/Elk Antlers. Hard and durable natural chew. Split antlers are suitable dogs new to antlers. Imported from USA.

These high quality antlers have been sanded round at both ends to ensure enjoyable and safe chewing for your dog. Antlers that have not been sanded at the edges are sharp, and may hurt your dog while it is chewing the antlers.

The antlers have been split into halves to help your dog access the marrow easier.

Benefits of split antlers chews for dogs.

Helps to prevent tartar and dental plaque deposits on dog’s tooth. Antlers marrow contain many vitamins and minerals beneficial to dogs. No danger of splintering like bone chews. Mess free type of chew. No coloring, additives, flavor or chemicals added.

These antlers are shedded naturally by wild, free ranging deer and elk in the mountainous Pacific Northwest region of the United States. No deer/elk has been harmed in the harvesting and production process.

Comes in normal and larger sizes. The larger the chew the longer it lasts.

Storage Recommendations

  • Keep away from direct sunlight and in cool environment to prolong the lifespan of the antlers.

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4 reviews for Split Antlers Chews

  1. xiaolubao91

    Awesome chew! No smells at all. My pup love it the moment I give her. Having a good chewing time. Perfect !!

  2. Yuhui Ng

    Very pleased with the fact that the chew will not spoil (provided of course you take reasonable care of it by keeping the marrow dry and to prevent it from direct sunlight). My dog has been addicted to it and has been chasing after me everyday for it now.

  3. wangtitude (verified owner)

    After trying the whole antler, wangwang love it very much. So I buy another one for him and also additional split antler for him. He love both, but I can see that he prefer the split antler as he manage to eat the “filling” inside the antler! Highly recommend every dog owner to buy it as dog love to chew on something, so why not antler instead? Can remove tartar too!

  4. sajnichatly (verified owner)

    Leia absolutely loves the split antler chew! Carries around the house like its her treasure haha the chew keeps her busy and with the added benefit of cleaning her teeth – this chew is my fav too 😄 highly recommend this chew!

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