Beef Tail Chews

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Single ingredient chew made from 100% grass fed beef tails with no preservatives or flavoring.

Beef tails are a good chew with medium to hard toughness. Just like our Air Dried Pork Tails but longer, these tails will give your dog an enjoyable time gnawing and chewing on them. As this chew contains small bones, it should be fed under hooman supervision. The small bones are edible but your dog might leave the bones if they are lazy like Nikko.

Each tail portion is around 15cm long. We have a range of widths to cater for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Take look below to choose the appropriate size for doggo.


  • For Smol Dogs of less than 5kg.
  • Around 1cm in width.
  • Around 15-16cm in length.
  • 3 pieces in a pack.


  • For medium-sized dogs like Nikko (>5-15kg)
  • Around 1.5-3cm in width.
  • Around 15-16cm in length.
  • 2 pieces in a pack


  • For medium-sized dogs and large dogs (>5-15kg)
  • Around 1-3cm in width.
  • Around 30-33cm in length.
  • 1 piece in a pack

Storage Recommendations

  • Store at room temperature in air tight container – Consume by best before date on label.

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