Air Dried Pork Tails

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Air Dried Pork Tails are prepared in Singapore from raw pig tails using human grade meat with no preservatives or flavouring.

Air Dried Pork Tails is a single ingredient chew suitable for dogs of all sizes. Pork tails are slightly fatty but we have removed the fattier portions to reduce the amount of fat in the tail. The resulting chew should distract the doggo from chasing his own tail for a while.

The chew toughness level is medium to hard.

This chew is not recommended for puppies or for dogs on strict low fat diet.

As this chew contains small bones, it should be fed under hooman supervision. The small bones are edible but your dog might leave the bones if they are lazy like Nikko. If your doggo likes to gulp things down we suggest giving this chew a pass and maybe consider our Air Dried Whole Pork Ear Chews .

2-3 tails in a packet depending on size.

Storage Recommendations

  • Keep refrigerated – Consume within 1 month of purchase.

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