Fish Skin Nougats

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Another yummy fish treat for the fish fiends!


100% Whitefish Skin.


Fish Skin Nougats is a single-ingredient treat with no preservatives. Low in fat and high in Omega 3,6 oils. Suitable for puppies. Low odor treat that is human-friendly.

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We are a fish-lovers brand! We love to feed fish treats and yummies like Air Dried Salmon Skin Crisps, Air Dried Shishamo Bites, Air Dried Salmon Bits, Wild Alaskan Salmon Fish Oil and our bestselling Salmon Fish Bone Broth.


Comes in 100g pack with 4-5 fish skin nougats.

Storage Recommendations

  • Store in air tight box at room temperature – Consume by best before date on label.


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